Our core expertise is in giving non-invasive and non-medical solutions for the health problems detected during the diagnostic scan. These solutions are provided in areas related to Food Habits, Exercises, Hand Positions, High Frequency Sound Vibrations, Colour Therapy, etc.


Food is one of the most important factors which affect Health. We analyse an individual’s food  combinations / intake, timings of the meal, other food habits and give suggestions required for leading a healthier and more energetic life.



sol2Our  team recommends the required exercise regimes which should be followed for good health and for problem areas (Ex – Cervical region, Back, Knee, etc).

Exercises are also advised for general weight loss, increasing the strength of the muscles and flexibility.

Specific exercises for heart and diabetic patients are also prescribed. Ergonomic tips for good postures while working, sleeping, standing and sitting are also given.

The concept depends on touching of fingers in a specific manner to create specific energy circuits in the body, thus allowing body’s own energy to heal a particular area or organ.


sol5 sol4The practice of these ‘Mudras’ also facilitate the harmonization of the five elements present in the human body. Specific mudras will be suggested according to the requirements of the individuals.


A sound, syllable, word, or group of words that is considered capable of creating transformation in cells or cluster of cells of the human body. These are one-syllable sounds that, when said aloud, activate and harmonize important energy centres of the body. When you speak them, you resonate with the energy of the associated energy centre, helping that area balance its natural energy frequencies and function in an optimum manner.


sol6Colour therapy is an alternative healing treatment that uses the frequencies of colour and light to balance and harmonize the body individually and the person as a whole.

This therapy not only balances physical state of the mind but emotional as well as psychic state.