Health Programmes

The endeavour of this programme is to make the individuals healthier. The programme is based on a system which has been developed after extensive research and interactions with health experts from India and overseas.

Key features of the programme are:

  • Non-invasive medical screening is done in 3 minutes and results are immediately available and explained by qualified health experts.
  • Screening not only gives an indication of one’s present health condition, but also identifies the possibility of some of the diseases or disorders before their symptoms appear.
  • Assess the areas one needs to strengthen or even seek expert medical help on, without undergoing expensive medical tests initially.


w3Many organizations are now concerned about the general Health and Well-being of their employees and wish to ensure that they are in a state of good Health. It has been proven now that an improved state of Health has a direct correlation with enhanced productivity and output. Therefore, organizations are undertaking various initiatives to ensure that their employees are healthier and happier. Our ENVIRO HEALTH programmes ensure that this objective is met for these organizations. We undertake the programme as per the following module:

1. The Personal Health Awareness Presentation: Duration of 30 minutes

  • Introduction on the key factors that affect Health – Food, Lifestyle, Environment, etc and how by simple ways, one can keep themselves healthier, enhance immunity, improve concentration and work output.
  • The effects of radiations from electronic gadgets and various other phenomenon are demonstrated on participants undergoing the programme.
  • Some simple Do’s and Don’ts on how to improve immunity and well being are suggested.


2. Basic Health Diagnostic Scan: Duration of 15-20 minutes per Participant

  • Diagnosis is done with scientific equipments.
  • Results are explained in detail by qualified Health experts and discussion about present lifestyle & health condition with the participant undergoing the programme is done.
  • Suggestions are given for improving specific health conditions by taking care of the cause of the problem and not just the symptoms, which are simple and easy to do.
  • A detailed report is sent to the participant after the programme.
  • Health Tips will be sent regularly for a pre-decided period as a follow up.

The cost of conducting the Health Awareness and Diagnostic Programme at the facility / office of a Corporate varies between Rs. 4,000 – 5,000 per person, depending upon the scope of engagement and number of participants undertaking the programme at a single location.

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A Health Diagnostic Scan is also available for individuals and families where a diagnostic scan will be conducted and non-medical solutions, based on one’s health condition and scan results will be provided to improve Health by our qualified Health experts. This can be carried out either at our Office or at one’s home also.

The cost of conducting the Programme* is as follows:

At our Office: Rs. 2,000 per person    

At an Individual’s Home: Rs. 4,000 per person

* Discounts will be applicable for group appointments.

* Service Tax will be applicable extra on the charges mentioned above.

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We also partner with various NGO’s and conduct customized programmes on behalf of organizations and corporates who undertake Health and Wellness programmes for a large number of people in the society as a part of their CSR initiative.