• Frequently Asked Questions

    Posted on June 4, 2013 by admin in Enviro Health.

    Q1. What is Es-Teck Complex?

    A1. Es-Teck Complex is a scientific system which is meant for scanning the health of an individual. It comprises of three technologies including Electro interstitial Scan, Bio Impedance Analysis and SPO2 Wave Plethysmography.

    Q2. How much time does the health scan take?

    A2.  The health diagnostic scan is completed within 3 minutes.

    Q3.Do we need to give any blood, urine sample?

    A3. No blood or urine sample is required. It is a completely non-invasive technology.

    Q4. How is the scan done?

    A4. The person is seated in a chair where he/she puts their hands on 2 metal hand electrodes; similarly their feet on a foot electrode and two electrodes are placed on the forehead. Then a very negligible current of 1.28 V is passed through the interstitial fluid which permits the recording of 22 segments from the human body.

    Q5. How long do we have to wait for the results?

    A5. The results are immediately available and explained by the Health Consultants in detail. Also, a report will be made, which will be sent to the individual.

    Q6. How is this scan different from any other health check up?

    A6. A blood test / urine test or any other tests will tell you about a disease when you have actually acquired that disease and have started having symptoms. While with Es-Teck, you come to know how your organs are functioning and whether you are prone to having any problems in the near future.

    Q7. What is the credibility of this machine?

    A7. The Es-Teck System is FDA (US) approved and is being used in 25 countries (France, China, USA, Russia, etc) by healthcare practitioners. The EIS was calibrated using over 20,000 clinical study tests from individuals and subsequent tests from patients with a wide-variety of pathologies. Some of the testing facilities included: Beijing University Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Botkin Hospital, etc.

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