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    1. Simple Do’s & Don’ts to protect ourselves from Electromagnetic Radiations (EMR’s) from Mobile phones:
    2. Keep your mobile phone usage as low as possible. Use landlines more if possible.
    3. Get a mobile phone with a good speakerphone and always use ear phones.
    4. Keep the phone as far away from your body as possible.
    5. Restrict your children’s use of cell phones, as their skull and brain is under development and vulnerable.
    6. Use Enviro Chip on your mobile, computers and laptops. To know more, click here
    7. While working in (Northern Hemisphere), sit facing North or East during daytime and South or East during night time.
    8. While sleeping, head position should be in South or East (when you wake up you would face North or West) so as to be in the right magnetic orientation of the Earth.
    9. Salt water bath once in a week and cleaning floor with salt water is good for removing negative energies as salt is considered to be a very good absorbent. (Take bath with normal water after that to avoid any allergies).
    10. Do not wear synthetic stones or ornaments on the body permanently because the wrong orientation of the stone can cause the diversion of good energies instead of converging them to our body.
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