Diagnostic Devices


dia1We have a US FDA approved medical device that screens the whole body and gives a current status of the vital organs and systems of the body. It also provides an early detection of some diseases. In this diagnosis, a negligible electric current of 1.28 V is passed through 6 electrodes which forms 22 circuits in the body and comes up with 69 different physiological parameters which can be seen on the screen.


  • Heart Parameters
  • Body’s existing Immunity score
  • Thyroid Risk in future
  • Diabetes Risk in future
  • Computing Body Composition Values
  • Mental Stress Parameters
  • Digestion & Gastric Parameters
  • Back / Spine related Problems
  • Providing organ system and Health Risk Analysis
  • Acid-base status of the patient’s body
  • Prostate Risk
  • Reflecting Interstitial pH, Interstitial O2 and ATP
  • Functioning of some key Brain Neurotransmitters important for relaxation and stress control
  • Graphic representations of conductivity of the Interstitial liquid specific of dysfunctions
  • Reflection of cellular mitochondrial activity and of organic enzymatic activity


It has the ability to reveal disease patterns before symptoms are manifested, and allows our qualified Health experts to provide an individual with the recommendations necessary to live a happier and healthier life.



Lecher Antenna is able to measure the energy fields in an Individual’s body. It can detect causes of disorder, levels of energy blockage, measure the energy status of the remedied and producing exact dosages.

PRINCIPLE: This instrument is based on dowsing rod and was first conceived by Austrian physicist Ernst Lecher in 1890. German physicist Reinhard Schneider later developed what is today known as Lecher Antenna.

The Antenna has a cursor that slides on the scale short circuiting the antenna, thereby adjusting itself to various wavelengths.

The antenna reacts to Bio-Electro-Magnetic (BEM) radiations in the environment with a “dipping” movement. The number of “dips” indicates the intensity of radiations.

Thirty two levels of human disorders due to internal or environmental aggressions can be identified by the Lecher Antenna.