About Us

The ENVIRO HEALTH division of our Company – Syenergy Environics Limited was formed in the year 2012 with an endeavour to provide better health to people with the help of simple and cost-effective diagnostic systems and creating more awareness about Health by giving simple ‘Do-it-Yourself’ techniques to an individual, which one can incorporate in their daily routine and lifestyle to achieve a state of better Health and Well-being.

Syenergy Environics Limited is India’s leading company specializing in the field of Radiation Management and Solutions since the year 2005.

We provide Radiation Management and Solutions in home & workplaces to nullify effects of harmful Radiation from Earth’s natural sources, commonly also known as Geopathic Stresses. Radiations are detected with the use of scientific instruments, their causes and origins analyzed and solutions are implemented.

Improved health and interpersonal relationships, enhanced productivity and reduced machinery breakdown have been reported.  (Read more )

We also provide Radiation Protection Products for protection against harmful Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) from Mobile Phones, Mobile Transmission Towers, Computers and other Wi-Fi devices. Our products – ENVIRO CHIP & ENVIRO STRIP are widely used by many organizations and individuals for ensuring lower stress, higher immunity and better health by protection against EMR.

Our Products take care of the non-thermal effects of Electromagnetic Radiation from Mobile Phones, Computers and other similar devices. (Read more)